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Should the queue escape limit be raised? *Please read before voting

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A total of 74 votes have been cast on this poll.

Unless you've recently been going through the Sift Archives or just been stalking people in derelict Siftalleys, odds are you don't know the queue escape limit wasn't always at 10. In fact, it used to be as low as 4 until the first official raise almost 3 years ago. A week later it was increased to 6/7, and again to 7/8 a week after that. New rules with 8/9 followed two months later, until finally, more than 2 years ago it was set to 10.

It doesn't stop there: this will be the third time the infamous 12-vote publishing threshold is brought up: the 1st time it did it was turned down, pure and simple, while the second time around the solution the community agreed upon was to decrease the time unsifted videos hover in the queue (which is now 2 days, so there's not much to cut off of this variable).

Anyway, now that we've got the Siftory lesson out of the way, I'd just like to preface my reasons for this Poll by inviting everyone to look up and to the left, to VS motto "Online Video *Quality Control". Yeah, that's right - I'm implying that there's increasingly more low-quality material getting published. I think few would dispute this statement, the actual question being - how much crap? And is it too much (so we'd need to increase the threshold)?

Naturally the consequences if we went ahead with this change would be quite noticeable, as it would become harder to sift some of the more obscure stuff such as most music videos or the terribly underrated Bravo sifts - in regard to which I can say that I simply hope Siftbot's invisible hand would balance the "market" out and folks would soon realize they have to give (more) in order to receive (i.e. users will start frequenting the Unsifted section more). Personally, I'm mostly looking forward to this as a potential extra challenge that improves the *quality factor. I hope naysayers can try and empathize with this point of view.

I've left out the option to 'Abstain' on purpose, mostly because I'm fairly optimistic the ensuing discussion will sway a lot of undecideds' minds. That, and it's also a waste of a vote. And I don't really see how anyone frequenting Sift Talk could genuinely be indifferent towards this topic.
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