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Announcing live streaming of Water channel

There you go, folks. Finally done it; despite having only been fishing a couple of times ever, never been diving and only once taken the wheel of a yacht, being generally a complete dummy regarding all things maritime with the exception of swimming, from this day I am the proud owner of the channel which I've long since thought we desperately needed: Water.

Channel contents include but not limited to:

water in scientific experiments,
flora and fauna under and over water,
ice and water vapor,
water sports,
search for extraterrestrial water,
availability of drinking water,
global warming, pollution and global water supply,
seafaring and maritime navigation,
swimming pools and wet pranks.

Best of friends with *Nature, *Science, *Eco, *Sports and *Travel.

I've also got 12 Powerpoints to burn, so I'll be distributing *promotes and *qualities to the ones who are of most help in assigning videos to the new channel. Just PM me when you've done the good deed. Let's make a splash!

The 49 Films That Will Define 2010

Total Film has compiled a list of what they believe will be the most important films of 2010, and I kinda have to agree with the majority of their selection.

Particularly excited about what was news to me - that Daft Punk are doing the music for Tron: Legacy, about "Paul" (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost back together, woohoo!), about "I Love You, Phillip Morris" (Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as lovers) and about the cast of "The Expendables".

Here are my picks:

Shutter Island (19 February)

The Talent: Directed by Martin Scorsese, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Michelle Williams.

The Pitch: DiCaprio's Federal agent investigates the disappearance of a woman at a creepy island asylum and begins to doubt both the authorities and his own sanity.

The Hook: This is Scorsese and DiCaprio's fourth film together, and looks like it has the kind of tight dramatic plotting that could finally see their partnership ignite and win over the DiCaprio doubters.

Black Death (26 February)

The Talent: Directed by Chris Smith of Severance fame. Starring Sean Bean.

The Pitch: Bean leads a band of medieval men-on-a-mission as they hunt down a necromancer (yes!) in plague-hit England.

The Hook: You read the pitch, right? Sheffield's finest cine-son is back in leather and chain-mail for the first time since the Rings trilogy, and the plot is a deliciously brooding, dark-ages adventure yarn.

A Couple Of Dicks (26 February)

The Talent: Written by the Cullen brothers, directed by Kevin Smith and starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan.

The Pitch: A classic buddy cop comedy, with Willis and Morgan as partners tracking down a stolen collectable baseball card.

The Hook: The script has enjoyed big buzz for years, and Smith (directing someone else’s writing for the first time) describes it as "Dante and Randal as cops". Sold! Also, everything Tracy Morgan does, says or thinks is funny.
... more inside ...

Bacteria on Mars practically confirmed by NASA

A microscopic image of the Alan Hill 84001 meteorite, which is the culprit for this discovery.

"Compelling new data that chemical and fossil evidence of ancient microbial life on Mars was carried to Earth in a Martian meteorite is being elevated to a higher plane by the same NASA team which made the initial discovery 13 years ago.

Now, 13 years after the Martian meteorite life story emerged, the science team finally feels vindicated. Their data shows the meteorite is no smoking gun but is full of evidence that supports the existence of life on the surface of Mars, or in subsurface water pools, early in the planet's history.

The new data are expected to be addressed publicly within days by NASA Headquarters in Washington, where they could become part of the political debate on future NASA mission directions."
via SpaceFlightNow

From David McKay's (only the most renowned astrobiologist in the world) latest paper: Origins of magnetite nanocrystals in Martian meteorite ALH84001, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Volume 73, Issue 21, 1 November 2009, Pages 6631-6677:

"We conclude that the vast majority of the nanocrystal magnetites present in the carbonate disks could not have formed by any of the currently proposed thermal decomposition scenarios. Instead, we find there is considerable evidence in support of an alternative allochthonous origin for the magnetite unrelated to any shock or thermal processing of the carbonates."

Word is, NASA are currently readying a press release that will be out in a few days' time.

Further reading:
Space Flight Now
Daily Mail
Above Top Secret

The Great VS Sifting Challenge

(not to be confused with the Great VS Fisting Challenge - ask kulpims for details)

Today I pondered 2 things:

1) That we could use a fun activity, a contest of sorts, centering around some type of video-hunt,
2) whether a video could be sifted today that COULDN'T for the love of all that's holynoodly be placed into ANY of the current channels. No *comedy, no *wtf, no nothing.

So I figure if at this point there's anyone who hasn't yet grasped what this contest is all about, they're either Glenn Beck or have watched too much of him.

After such a video is sifted (links to old, existing ones don't count!), is linked to in the comments of this thread and is deemed as one fulfilling the criteria (no channel assignment possible) by me and at least one other sifter (apart from the submitter, of course), I will award AT LEAST 1 *quality and 2 *promotes to whoever is first, and their name will be engraved in the VideoSift Hall of Fame by none other by Siftbot itself (possibly - yet to be negotiated). Other folks wishing to congratulate the lucky winner may jump in with additional rewards, as well.

With that and wishing good luck to all, I hereby announce that the contest has begun!
Deadline: 10.00 GMT Monday morning - 7th September 2009.

Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreson

by Johann Hari via The Independent

How do they train themselves to be so impervious to reality?

Something strange has happened in America in the nine months since Barack Obama was elected. It has best been summarised by the comedian Bill Maher: "The Democrats have moved to the right, and the Republicans have moved to a mental hospital."

The election of Obama – a black man with an anti-conservative message – as a successor to George W. Bush has scrambled the core American right's view of their country. In their gut, they saw the US as a white-skinned, right-wing nation forever shaped like Sarah Palin.

When this image was repudiated by a majority of Americans in a massive landslide, it simply didn't compute. How could this have happened? How could the cry of "Drill, baby, drill" have been beaten by a supposedly big government black guy? So a streak that has always been there in the American right's world-view – to deny reality, and argue against a demonic phantasm of their own creation – has swollen. Now it is all they can see.... more inside ...

Why You're An Idiot For Not Watching 'Mad Men'

Mad Men is hands down one of the best shows ever to be aired and here's why I can't recommend it enough:

via Daniel O'Brien's blog on Cracked.com

"Statistically speaking, you’re not watching Mad Men, and the fact that season three premiers on Sunday likely has no affect on you. I’m here, out of the kindness of my heart, to gently explain to you why you’re wrong, and why you’re a bad person for doing the things you do. Watch Mad Men. Watch the shit out of it.... more inside ...

Bad News Everyone - FOX wants to recast Futurama voices!

They are fuckers.

Via SciFi Wire:

No one was more thrilled than us at the news that Comedy Central was resurrecting Futurama with an order of 26 new episodes, to begin airing in 2010.

But now comes news on Forces of Geek that 20th Century Fox Television, which produces the series, may be considering recasting the voice roles. Say it ain't so!

... more inside ...

Ponceleon Flies Ever Higher, Reaches 100 Gold Stars

Ponceleon might not be a 3-year-veteran of the Sift (then again who knows, he might've been a long-time lurker (or even... mlx! gasp!) before he joined), but he's definitely become one of the most likable folks around.

If there's anything really important I've learned about this Prius-riding, left-leaning, videogame-playing Bostonian (apart from the fact his username has two 'e's in it - which I managed to be unaware of until today ), it's that one of his life-long ambitions is to engage in intercourse with animals. But hey, let's not jump to hasty conclusions and label him a pervert right away, it's not like he's some sicko who'd eat a pizza with cutlery, you know...

Where was I? That's right - ponceleon is a stand up guy, and his comments tend to be some of the best ever, so be sure to check out his UNSIFTED vids and his PQUEUE from time to time, because more often than not you'll find real gems in there.

*cue round of applause*

Image courtesy of the lovely and talanted NicoleBee, slightly modified for the occasion by EDD

Video Submitting Problems - Thumbnails

Seems like a couple recently-submitted YT videos have had problems with their thumbnails.


All three of these are YT videos, so everything should've been fine. Instead, for me, after clicking the final "Submit" button, the page with the video with 0 votes never loaded and after some 5min of waiting I got a System Error. Pretty sure it's the same case with Enoch's video.

Three Year Epic Prank On One Stranger

This prank is almost six years old, but it's too good to not pass it on.

Via Urban Prankster:

"In 2002, Dylan Reiff and Joe Korsmo began tracking the internet activities of Kolin, aka V. Gnome, an 18-year old computer gamer. They monitored and recorded Kolin’s AOL instant messages and gathered information about his friends and family from other sources on the net. Blending this data with scenarios from videogames and sci-fi films, they developed a mythology in which Kolin is “singled out as the savior of the human race.” The story is told in Gem Missile: A Tribute to V. Gnome, a 40-page book that incorporates photographs of Kolin and excerpts from his personal correspondence. In August 2003, Reiff and Korsmo showed up on Kolin’s parent’s doorstep in Chicago. Reiff introduced himself as “Z. Figiam,” Kolin’s “mentor from the future,” presented him with the book, and left without further explanation.

The plot thickened several days later with Kolin posted a detailed description of the encounter to an on-line gaming forum, along with digital photos of every page in the book. Members of the forum quickly added their own theories and responses, which ranged from close readings of the text and speculations about the gender of its authors, to admissions of jealousy and accusations that Kolin had invented the story in order to get a high rating for his thread (which in a few weeks had received over 40,000 hits).

A year passed after this initial contact. In August 2004, Reiff and Korsmo mailed Kolin a package containing a photograph of their meeting a year earlier, along with a note, a certificate, and a plane ticket to Minneapolis. Kolin was met at the airport by a man in a beat up Lincoln Town Car who identified himself as “The Gatekeeper.” For two days, Kolin was lead around the city in search of robots, buried treasure and information needed to save the future. Reiff and Korsmo involved numerous actors and another on-line gamer who, equally baffled, was driven with Kolin to a forest and abandoned there. At some point, Kolin noticed that his new friend had mysteriously disappeared. “I stood there alone in the woods, in Minnesota, with a shovel and a large black locked box, more confused then I have ever been in my life.” Kolin survived the trip and posted a detailed account of his adventure, concluding, “it was a great experience, and I would not hesitate to save the future again, if the chance ever arose.”

It’s an epic tale and one best read from the perspective of Kolin, the “victim” of this awesome prank. It’s a long read, but it’s worth it: Future Shock: A Three Year Cross Country Adventure to Save the World

Transformers 2 Rejected Michael Bay Script

"Michael Bay is well known for the child-like glee with which he infuses every over-the-top, ridiculous action scene he directs. He is truly an auteur, and the naive innocence which he brings to his directing can make most any stupid movie romp enjoyable. Unfortunately, hoping to cement his artistic credibility by landing that coveted writer/director credit a la Clint Eastwood, Bay also decided to try his hand at writing screenplays. And due to my elite Hollywood status as a quasi-respectable internet comedian, I of course had access to this attempt, and due to my shaky moral compass, I of course decided to post a few excerpts of it for you here:"


(Robert Brockway's blog on Cracked.com)

11 Most Unintentionally Gay Rap Lyrics Ever

I'll let the article do the talking, because frankly, I'm still busy wiping tears of laughter from my eyes.


Eminem: "Don't Push Me"

The Lyric:
"Man I'm done saying that I'm done playing, I'ma start laying any of these motherfucking cocksuckers."

What He's Probably Saying:
"No joke, my patience is exhausted and now I'm gonna start shooting people."

What We Like To Think He's Saying:
"Seriously, I'm gonna start having sex with dudes."

Should the queue escape limit be raised? *Please read before voting

  (14 votes)
  (60 votes)

A total of 74 votes have been cast on this poll.

Unless you've recently been going through the Sift Archives or just been stalking people in derelict Siftalleys, odds are you don't know the queue escape limit wasn't always at 10. In fact, it used to be as low as 4 until the first official raise almost 3 years ago. A week later it was increased to 6/7, and again to 7/8 a week after that. New rules with 8/9 followed two months later, until finally, more than 2 years ago it was set to 10.

It doesn't stop there: this will be the third time the infamous 12-vote publishing threshold is brought up: the 1st time it did it was turned down, pure and simple, while the second time around the solution the community agreed upon was to decrease the time unsifted videos hover in the queue (which is now 2 days, so there's not much to cut off of this variable).

Anyway, now that we've got the Siftory lesson out of the way, I'd just like to preface my reasons for this Poll by inviting everyone to look up and to the left, to VS motto "Online Video *Quality Control". Yeah, that's right - I'm implying that there's increasingly more low-quality material getting published. I think few would dispute this statement, the actual question being - how much crap? And is it too much (so we'd need to increase the threshold)?

Naturally the consequences if we went ahead with this change would be quite noticeable, as it would become harder to sift some of the more obscure stuff such as most music videos or the terribly underrated Bravo sifts - in regard to which I can say that I simply hope Siftbot's invisible hand would balance the "market" out and folks would soon realize they have to give (more) in order to receive (i.e. users will start frequenting the Unsifted section more). Personally, I'm mostly looking forward to this as a potential extra challenge that improves the *quality factor. I hope naysayers can try and empathize with this point of view.

I've left out the option to 'Abstain' on purpose, mostly because I'm fairly optimistic the ensuing discussion will sway a lot of undecideds' minds. That, and it's also a waste of a vote. And I don't really see how anyone frequenting Sift Talk could genuinely be indifferent towards this topic.

F1 boss in a nazi (that's right, nazi) bdsm orgy

I bet you're thinking this is SO April fools, right?
Because what the hell happened to just having normal bdsm sex? Why these nazi perversions? This sounds too "good"/too wtf to be true, doesn't it?

Well, unfortunately, it is true.

From The Times:
Max Mosley faces calls to quit as Formula One chief after ‘Nazi’ orgy

Max Mosley, one of the most powerful men in world sport, was under pressure to resign as boss of Formula One’s governing body last night after he was exposed enjoying a Nazi-style orgy with five prostitutes.... more inside ...

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