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Real Name: Edgar
Channel: Water - H2O & Everything Maritime
Birthdate: January 16th, 1988 (27 years old)
A little about me...

Musician? Music-aficionado (aren' t we all)?

Then you really ought to visit The Sift's last.fm page!

A note regarding the Sift - downvote more. Since the queue escape limit has become comparatively minuscule due to increasing amount of users voting, feel free to downvote stuff you feel mustn't be published. And please, do not get too upset if somebody (e.g. me) downvotes your submissions - instead inquire politely as to any reasons for such a decision, if it's not already pointed out in a comment (I usually leave an explanation for my more guilt-inducing downvotes and so can you).

Science + Actionpack = my favorite channels' couple.

Seriously, I love this place and so should you. If you don't, odds are you're doing something wrong. Try stopping trolling, for instance. And if the Sift's taking up too much of your leisure time - well, there's not much anyone can help you with, really. It doesn't further my procrastination though; worst 'affliction' of mine is regularly downloa legally obtaining a number of TV-series ^_^

Additional info: http://blog.videosift.com/youdiejoe/25-Random-things-about-me#comment-658810

Cheers, EDD

Member Since: May 11, 2007
Homepage: http://twitter.com/elapins
Favorite Sift: Antwerp train station breaks into song
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