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Crazy Chick at Pro-Life Rally (13 secs)

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The Dinner Party

Republicans Want a Civil War now, Apparently

Boy Tasered For Not Washing Cop's Car Sues -- TYT

Boise_Lib says...

>> ^radx:

Well, Cenk dialled down his antics for his Wolf-PAC presentation at Columbia two months ago. To be honest though, I rather enjoy his antics, just like I enjoy Cenk's/Ben's epic rants and Michael's/Steven's more serious commentaries.
It's good entertainment.

I mostly agree with you. I enjoy Cenk's takedowns of hypocrisy immensely.

He has, on occasion, gone overboard.
And his catch phrases can be overused.
Mostly entertaining tho.

Boy Tasered For Not Washing Cop's Car Sues -- TYT

Boise_Lib says...

There have been a few people hatin' on TYT around here over the last few days.
And I see where you are coming from.
Even I am frequently irritated by Cenk's antics.

But, I believe that TYT serves an important--even necessary--function.
Do you think you'll see this story anywhere in the corporate media?
If you do see it, it will be buried on the lower half of the third page of the second section of your newspaper (a kind of old-timey, papery blog).

So, hate away if you want, I still like TYT for their commitment to real journalism.

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