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Man Saves Ribs from Apartment Fire

A kid uses a lighter in a car full of anti-static clothes sp

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Drunk cameraman narrates worst street fight ever

Foo Fighters Troll Westboro Baptist Church With A Rick Roll

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BoneRemake says...

Thank you for the engine video ! I liked that, the size of those machines are insane and that machine that was scraping the metal away/plaining was really cool to see it shave the matal away no problem. That video led me to this video and I think YOU may like it :



Djevel (Member Profile)

BoneRemake says...

Good eye you got, I must of seen what I wanted to.

- is the amp's I was thinking of, I recall you could take the end caps off and joint amp's together for a cosmetic appeal. Although, I might be wrong on that as well ( without reading about it ) because all the wires and setting controls are on the sides.

Thank's for bringing that up, it must be some sort of grill off of a vehicle or so.

watched it again, it is totally the front end of a vehicle, from the side shot you can see it clear as day, not to mention the head light area. Glad I have that figured out now thanks !

lucky760 (Member Profile)

BoneRemake says...

"Either you don't know the song and thought I was dissing the video. "

YUP, because you had not upvoted it either and gave it a dismissive comment. I liked the video greatly, and disagreed with your comment.

And figured you would give some speil about how the kid is listening to adult music or watching a bad video or something of the sort.

lucky760 said:

Nah, I don't think so.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

Riding the White Line

BoneRemake says...

I still feel very comfortable thinking of him as a moron and anyone else who traverses said white line.

ChaosEngine said:

It's definitely a no fall zone, but I wouldn't call him a moron.

He's doing something challenging, but not that insane. If you see it from a first person perspective, it's actually not that difficult*

* not saying it's easy, but it's not a patch on some downhill courses.

Riding the White Line

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