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Bat Shit Crazy Woman Wants Her Chicken McNuggets

Boxer Knocked Out After Decision

Dodge vs Chevy tug of war goes too far.

See Why This Boob, I Mean, Girl is Voting for Romney...

Guy Walks Backwards - Video Edited in Reverse - Cool Effect

Guy Angrily Empties Uhaul Onto Vegas Strip

George Lucas Adds EVEN More Darth Vader Dialogue

Fuck You, George Lucas!

Fuck You, George Lucas!

ObsidianStorm says...

As previously mentioned, the primary problem is that there is no way to get the film you saw on screen in 1977 (no 'episode IV'...) on DVD or Blu-ray. Anything that you would watch anyway...

I just find it interesting... Lucas set out to make a film called Star Wars in the mid 70's but didn't have the budget or technology to make the film in his head, so he was forced to make compromises, take shortcuts and eliminate scenes he had originally intended to see in his film.

As a result, he created a masterpiece of sci-fi fantasy, which just happened to be BETTER than the film he had envisioned.

What we've seen over the last twenty years or so is Lucas trying to realize that inferior (but original) vision.

I just find it ironic...

"God is doing a nu thang!" - 90s teen b-boy style jesus-rap.

Family Dog Ruins Christmas Video

Miss USA 2011 Interviews - Should Evolution Be Taught

ObsidianStorm says...

Throughout this whole thing, I was just thinking "Please don't let the rep from may state come off as a bloody idiot"

It never ceases to amaze me how scientifically ignorant the USA is in general. Evolution is not something you 'believe' in. It's not an article of faith. There were so many comments in which the girl was so close to sounding like she might possibly have a clue only to fuck up at the end and say, "but all points of view or beliefs should be represented"


Lawsuit After Guy Tasered 6 Times For Crooked License Plate

Jon Lajoie - Atheists Kill People With Guns (remix)

Hand-feeding a Great White Shark

ObsidianStorm says...

I dunno, it just seems to me that she's attributing a degree of empathy/understanding to sharks that I'm not sure they are capable of. But then, perhaps I'm underestimating the cognitive capabilities of great whites...

It's just not a hypothesis I'd like to test with my own body.

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