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bareboards2 says...

Well, there we differ.

I don't engage anymore with people who are so passionate about their beliefs, they insult others. There is nothing I can say that will change them.

What was posted was just fine, just as it was.

Did you know that there are a disproportionate number of vegetarians in Britian? And there are a lot of them? So they have an interesting population to study.

I read somewhere that vegetarians, on average, have a higher IQ than the general population. Makes sense to me -- they read, they empathize, they question. That all takes intelligence.

It really doesn't matter to me if they "go too far." That is just passion. That is how change happens -- folks on the fringe pulling us sluggards in the middle out of our complacency.

I have more trouble the Sanders contingent than I do with vegans. Same dynamic -- they are passionate about their topic, and they don't differentiate between compromise and selling out, and if they keep this shit up, if Hillary gets the nomination, Trump might actually win.

Now THAT is over the top behavior that has real consequences.

Being passionate on the Sift is fine. If you don't like it, I honestly think it is better not to engage. Keeps your blood pressure down. Since trying to change their minds (on any passionately held topic) is fruitless, you are actually ahead.

You get low blood pressure!

(And I agree that we "should" have a mostly plant based diet. For a multitude of reasons -- health, the environment, limited resources, water usage, the list is pretty long before you even get to the abuse that animals in factory farms suffer. Do I have a plant based diet? No. Do I feel shame for not doing what is right? Yes. Am I going to change? No. "Should" I change? Yes. Do I enjoy the passionate and scolding posts made by friends on Facebook? No. Do I stop following them to "save" myself? No.

Instead of the Art of War, I am trying to practice the Art of Disengagement. Better for my health!)

newtboy said:

We've gotten along in the past, so please allow me to enlighten you.
I downvoted him/her.
I DO have loved ones who are vegan for ethical/emotional reasons. They changed their diet after home butchering a lot of their livestock for a party, so I totally understand their reasoning. They, however, do not attack and insult others that don't feel the same way that they do, but this poster does, constantly.

Vegans, like any large group, run the gamut from smart, caring, and intelligent to stupid, self centered, and dumb. Please don't fool yourself into thinking they are all the same. They aren't.

I downvoted them because they repeatedly said (false) insulting things like "enslaved, tortured, confined and violently murdered for their pleasure, preferences and entertainment" about all meat eaters/producers. I take that as a number of intentional insults directed at anyone that has a different opinion or situation from them, painting >95% of people in the worst possible light, and using never ending ridiculous self serving emotional quotes to back up their insults (but never any actual fact).

I would note that this poster also makes absolutely no distinction between factory farms and free range, non abusive, caring farmers that practice humane farming and butchering and calls them all unthinking non-empathetic torturing murdering slave masters, along with all their customers. Every time someone perches on their high horse and makes such insanely overboard insulting blanket accusations (clearly based in ignorance) against nearly all humans, I'm going to downvote it....and I'm not alone in taking offence.

I have no problem with anyone being vegan. I don't have any problem with them talking about it and their experiences with it. I have a HUGE problem with anyone constantly insulting, lambasting, deriding, guilt tripping, and shaming all others that have made a different choice for their own varied and unknown (unknown to the guilt trippers) reasons.

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bareboards2 says...

Ah, my little First Incarnation. Always gets here before me.

Ten years. OH my god. And I lurked first!

siftbot said:

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 10 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

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Patton Oswalt - Birthday Clown From Hell

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bareboards2 says...

Who's a love muffin?

Who's a Sift Goddess?

The great Anonymous Meatbag who gave me two points!


siftbot said:

You just received a gift of 2 Power Points from an anonymous meatbag. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

Proof of evolution

The Death Of National Geographic

Heil Trump!

The Most Costly Joke in History

bareboards2 says...

Yeah. I'm sure it is true, or mostly true, or contains elements of truth. But I don't like RT.

The 21st century Tokyo Rose, who sole goal was to demoralize the soldiers.

I'm with @skinnydaddy1.

The Most Costly Joke in History

Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver: International Women's Day

bareboards2 says...

I gotta come back and upvote this puppy. It's tax season and I am just now getting to watch this.

It is PERFECT. In an awful sort of way, of course.

Love this man. He's one of the best men on the planet!

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