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Dog hates being flipped off

Bear Locks Himself In Car

Woman Refuses to Leave Uber Car

Baton Twirl Like No One is Watching

bareboards2 says...

I love this man.

We are so afraid of FAT.

This guy says -- I can twirl, I can dance, I have attitude.

Headline has it ALL wrong.

He is baton twirling as if EVERYONE is watching.

My guy.

Woman almost hits biker by merging, gets caught by cops

bareboards2 says...


I wondered if that might not be the case.

Counterintuitive indeed.

All my instincts shout to do something different. Further proof, not that I needed it, that I need to stay the heck off a motorcycle.

Thanks for sharing.

Woman almost hits biker by merging, gets caught by cops

bareboards2 says...

Yes. Please do. Say it, so I can say my piece.

Because I guarantee you that you are wrong wrong wrong about what I think.

So just say it.

dannym3141 said:


So people should change their behaviour to avoid becoming a victim?

Need i connect the dots for you?

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Just wanted to share this brilliant observation from PT local Chris Huntingford-Gunn.

"The GOP and Donald Trump are geniuses. Why? Because the ONLY way to vote for Hillary is to vote for Hillary. But apparently a vote for Bernie is a vote for Trump, a vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party is a vote for Trump. A vote for Trump is a vote for Trump. Writing anybody in is a vote for Trump. Not voting? You guessed it: a vote for Trump. So many ways to vote for Trump. Genius."

Woman almost hits biker by merging, gets caught by cops

bareboards2 says...

Well, I did ask you to correct my observation if it was indeed wrong.

Tell me why he couldn't slow down though? Couldn't he have slowed down? Let her pass? Move to the left to protect his exposed leg and then slowed down?

Like I said, I'm not a motorcycle rider. In a car, I would have slowed down and inched left as I did so. Is that not an option on a motorcycle? At those relatively slow speeds they were driving?

I just watched it again, and I gotta say -- it sure looks to me like he could have slowed down to protect himself. AND I see this with the eyes of a car driver, not a motorcycle driver. I could be wrong.

Any motorcycle drivers out there who can chime in and correct me?

ChaosEngine said:

@bareboards2, where is he supposed to be speed up to? Into the back of the truck in front of him?

He was doing nothing wrong, and you're saying he should have acted differently.

And I said I wouldn't have expected that from you, because in general, I have a lot of respect for you and I believe you think things through.

I guess we'll agree to disagree in this case.

Girlfriend takes dumb to a whole new level

bareboards2 says...


Think Goldie Hawn on Laugh In. Marilyn Monroe. Tommy Smothers.

Playing dumb takes a very smart person.

makach said:

This seems fake to me because multiple videos following the same pattern.

She is probably smarter than us

Woman almost hits biker by merging, gets caught by cops

bareboards2 says...

I disagree that it is victim-blaming.

He is honking his horn and yelling and neither speeding up nor slowing down in the face of a car coming for him.

Drive defensively. So every time they run that PSA, that is victim blaming?

She was totally in the wrong. You saw I said that right?

And he didn't drive defensively.

As a car driver (encased in a metal box), I don't argue with someone who is coming right for me. I try to get the heck out of the way (and curse at them the entire way).

Now, maybe I am missing something -- you can correct me if I am wrong about my observations. I"m not a motorcycle driver. Maybe he couldn't have slowed down, sped up, or done some other maneuver. Looked to me like he could have.

Please do correct me if my observations are incorrect.

(And might I inquire as to why in particular it is odd to see me "victim blame"? Not that I think I am?)

ChaosEngine said:

Wow, that's some spectacular victim-blaming right there. Wouldn't have expected that from you bb.

Woman almost hits biker by merging, gets caught by cops

bareboards2 says...

Am I the only one who wonders why he so aggressively held onto the lane when she clearly wasn't acknowledging his existence?

He's on a frigging motorcycle. Get out of her way, stay out of her way.

Had he been hurt in this particular instance, I think it would have been 100% his fault. He saw her. Saw her coming. And neither sped up nor slowed down to avoid potential physical harm to himself.

You can be 100% right while being 100% wrong sometimes.

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Watching a doc on Gloria Steinem. Talking about feminism, she said:

It shouldn't need a name. And one day it won't.

Yep. Beautiful.

WeedandWeirdness (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Let's fill up the court, indeed!

As Queen, I do hereby officially offer Princesshood to the great and glorious (and actually living pretty near me) @PlayhousePals. Wanna be crowned, Play?

We need a Merlin. A Wise One. One with benevolence and love and an all-seeing eye to look out for us all.

He knows who he is for me. He already looks out for us, for which I am grateful.

No need for any Knights in Armor, shining or otherwise. Mine is a peaceful queendom. (Well, striving for peace. Your Queen has some stuff to work on still.)

And my King? Paul Newman, please. Since this is fantasy, I can resurrect the dead and turn back time.

WeedandWeirdness said:

I would be delighted to be your Princess, my Queen!! Wouldn't turn down being a Princess!

I am not sure if we need a town drunk, but I think we can get that covered as well. We may have to snatch them up quickly, jail time, or dungeon time, is in their very near future. It is what happens to repeat offenders.

So, every Princess needs a partner in crime, so we should ask @PlayhousePals to be a Princess as well. There would be so much weed and weirdness up in our castle!!

Have any ideas of who else we can include in our bizarre court?

WeedandWeirdness (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...


siftbot said:

Your video, Donald Trump Gave Charlie Sheen Fake Platinum Cufflinks - Th, has made it into the Top 15 New CONGRVideos listing. Congratulations on your achievement. For your contribution you have been awarded 1 Power Point.

This achievement has earned you your "Pop Star" Level 1 Badge!

WeedandWeirdness (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Of course I accept! One just doesn't turn down Majesty. No, one doesn't.

I guess it doesn't matter what I am Queen of. Power is Power, right?

Will you be my Princess?

WeedandWeirdness said:

YOU ROCK DOLL!! I am nominating you for Queen, and I will be butt hurt if you don't accept. I know it will make all the difference for you. Do it.

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