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Useless, Dangerous Toilet Paper Machine

bareboards2 says...

Have you not been following the efforts of sewer maintenance departments around the globe to educate folks on what can be put into a toilet? Moist towelettes are not something one should flush.

Paper, folks. Poo and paper is the only thing that should go into sewers.

We are wasting millions of dollars every year in maintenance because non-degradable stuff is getting flushed.

This PSA brought to you by Flush Away Safely.

poolcleaner said:

At a certain age you really should be using moist towelettes. Healthy buttholes, people.

3 seconds cooking!!

oritteropo (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

I was JUST reading about this in Mental Floss magazine! Paris Syndrome. Who knew?

oritteropo said:

It's fairly well known that many Japanese are Francophiles The reality may not meet their expectations though -

The French name for dandelion is because the root is a diuretic. Our name is also from French, dent de lion (Lion's tooth) from the serrated shape of the leaves.

Alaskan Dude Skips Rocks On Frozen Lake

bareboards2 says...


But you would probably do better with this vid if you used tubechop and only had a 2-3 minute vid posted.

Fusionaut (Member Profile)

Tom Hanks + Dan Aykroyd = rap?

"Yes?..................We're Here!"

bareboards2 says...

I live in the middle of town and hear this some nights.

Makes you think twice about walking around alone at night.

I don't worry about rapes and muggings, I worry about being dinner!

Laying your motorcycle down to avoid decapitation

Fusionaut (Member Profile)

Key & Peele: Office Homophobe

bareboards2 says...

I was uncomfortable with this video because I was afraid that it would be used as fuel for homophobia.

I upvoted because really, it is the most anti-homophobic thing out there. It dares to treat gay people as people. Fully, 100% people with a range of personalities.

As a woman, I wasn't offended by the "gayness" of the character, I was offended by the blatant sexual nature of his comments. All this chatter about gayness completely misses the point about what is appropriate behavior in the workplace. And in fact, all this chatter disturbs me deeply -- it is misdirection from the true "crime" here.

Equality is asking everyone to be treated EQUALLY. You don't talk about sex in the workplace like this -- not if you are gay or straight.

Having said that -- my male boss and I are completely inappropriate with each -- but NOT around anyone else. We have bawdy senses of humor and we crack each other up. As he said early on in our working relationship -- it isn't sexual harassment if it is UNWANTED sexual attention.

This guy's co-worker was plain in his language that he was uncomfortable and didn't want to hear sexually explicit stuff, and he wasn't homophobic in his comments. He was ignored. That was not okay.

The point was brought home by making him happily and openly gay and letting the chatty one have a moment of self-truth. Because yeah, he was an asshole.

Explaining comedy and social commentary is so boring.

Drunk Guy Eats Kebab through Styrofoam Box

shagen454 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Yes and no.

I'm glad you got safely through Crazy Druggy Woman with body and soul intact. But I don't see you ... exploring that experience... as a "big concern."

I was a young person in the late 70s, post birth control, pre-AIDS. I did some really stupid stuff, too. A lot of us did.

The internet just lets you do it faster and hook up without going to a bar.

So there is the agreement -- it really is just a construct of organic existence!

shagen454 said:

I mean now that I think about it jotting it down and reliving the past a bit - it raises a big concern.

The things that you do in anonymity on the Internet actually do affect the lives and everything around you. You may have thought that you found this secret black hole but it's not true. It will still affect other's and people that you know. It's a metaphor for how life works and the Internet is just a construct of organic existence.

shagen454 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Sorry - my communication skills are lacking. I didn't mean to suggest that YOU were cray-cray. Just that cray-cray was .... attractive to you. Big, big BIG difference. And I only made the cray-cray comment because you deciding to meet this woman even though you knew beforehand she was "obviously slightly psychotic."

Personally, I would avoid an "obviously slightly psychotic" stranger. You didn't. Hence my comment.

Does NOT make you slightly psychotic. Just that you perhaps find slightly psychotic intriguing. (So do I, but at a distance!)

And yes. Absolutely. Under no circumstances is it okay to drug someone. That is seriously creepy. I'm no Bible quoter, but I'm sure if I knew the Ten Commandments by heart, doing something like that must violate at least two or three of them!

shagen454 said:

Well, I would actually say that I am very conservative when it comes to relationships and sex. Sure, I have done some bizarre things but that I am not into necessarily; but for experience points they were experiences that I brought onto myself somehow.

Am I cray cray? I would say that I think I am absolutely nuts compared to this society that is based in lies. I have found shit out by being a curious cat and I have only found it to be much crazier than my initial conservative inclinations. It's all a grand learning experience.

That said... NO ONE should ever drug someone into their fucking bed. That is a part of the Ten Commandments or something, right?

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