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Oh my god

bareboards2 says...

I, too, thought the camera was in position to catch the "weirdo" coming out. Not looking at the camera because it was the source of shaming?

We don't know.

But what is quite wonderful is that both points of view were immediately offered, none with a shaming aspect.


Mordhaus (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Thanks for the detailed response. I'll tuck it away as data for my informal survey.

I discovered Kathleen Madigan a couple of years ago and loved her. I don't know why she isn't more well known. I get pretty bored by most stand up -- Louis CK being an exception. Thanks for the link -- I'm definitely going to watch it.

And thanks for taking me at face value. Really refreshing.

Mordhaus said:

I can't speak to the feminist portion of your question. I am not a feminist; more of a humanist, really. I could assume that having a related ideology might make her jokes more palatable, but it would be only a base assumption.

I asked my wife to view this clip on youtube, without reading the comments on this link. She is not a feminist either, so I simply asked her as a woman, did she find this funny? She said that clip was "mildly amusing" but she did not believe me when I told her that Amy was one of the top female comedians right now. Bear in mind that we don't watch cable, only Netflix and Prime, so she has not had exposure to her comedy skits on Inside Amy Schumer.

I do think Tina Fey is funny for the most part. I love Iliza Shlesinger. Kathleen Madigan puts me in stitches. I would say that this clip is hilarious and meets your aforementioned criteria. The thing is, I personally find that clip hilarious, and I can't really say that about most of Ms. Schumer's work.

Remember that weird ass creature you made in Spore?

oritteropo (Member Profile)

newtboy (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

In actual fact, I'm hoping that hair comes back to where it used to be!

(Thanks for the congrats. I feel all warm and fuzzy now!)

newtboy said:

Congrats on turning 9. Pretty soon you'll be noticing members of the opposite sex and sprouting hair where there was no hair before!

bareboards (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...



Nine years, not including a few months of timid lurking.

Can you imagine. I was timid. I thought I would never post a video, so I didn't try to save my first SiftName.

Well, I never imagined nine years later the Sift would have become so important to me.

True fact -- @eric3579 was the first person to contact me. And he is my best bud still on the Sift.


Thanks Sift and Sift community.

oritteropo (Member Profile)

SFOGuy (Member Profile)

oritteropo (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Be interesting to see if the women stay gone.

Thanks for sharing. There were cockles warmed in my heart.

oritteropo said:

About time for this one, the WEC joins the 21st century -

Now for the other popular racing series... oh, and all the other sports with equivalent scantily clad women.

At least in F1, a lot of the grid girls are huge fans and quite enjoy the experience... but that's no excuse for the outfits.

Crazy Fox

bareboards2 says...

Not an exact dupe. Might as well be.


Porn Actress Mercedes Carrera LOSES IT With Modern Feminists

Payback (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

That actually isn't a half bad idea! Unfortunately (or fortunately, actually) this is a very rural area. Not sure the wild life park does all that much business to start with.

But in a stronger tourist destination spot? You'd make a mint!

Payback said:

I'd imagine you'd make a pretty good living by starting up a Rent-A-Wreck car rental business across the street.

Awkward public aquarium "touch tank"

bareboards2 says...

The local marine science center had an octopus who would escape all the time. They also had touch tanks for other creatures which I think they eventually got rid of, for ethical reasons.

I don't know if they still have the octopus.

Creep Factor Set at Stun

bareboards2 says...

Oh, innocent baby that you are (ha!), YES IT IS TERRIBLE.

Thank you for that clarification.

eric3579 said:

I don't know if you ask me that was just *terrible but bb you can remove if you think different.

"Unskippable" Geico Ad

bareboards2 says...

Well, I think this is clever. I watched to the end, and I didn't have to.

Plus, I like my insurance company, so I am Geico Proof.

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