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Trippy - a GoPro duct taped to a tire - Wheeee!

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bareboards2 says...

Rest of my life

Sally was talking about her struggles to do regular exercise, and I told her about you being my witness and how it has been so fricking helpful for me.

So I offered to be her witness.

I don't know if she will take me up on the offer, but still.

We had a great time yesterday. Spent a loooooong time at the sculpture park. It was NOT what I was expecting -- it was 50 times better. It is a huge stand of trees in the middle of a residential area, with trails running every which way. There are installations of pieces tucked away in the most amazing places. Sally is a visual artist, and having her perspective on the pieces made a fun stroll into an educational one.

Hurricane Ridge -- we could see the range of mountains east of Vancouver. Incredibly clear day!

It was so beautiful, we drove around Crescent Lake and went for a four mile (plus+) hike on the Spruce Railroad Trail. So the grade was easy peasy. It followed the lake and at times it was at lake level.

I left the house at 8:30 am and got home at 10:30 pm. Looooong day. And great!

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BoneRemake (Member Profile)

How to Rescue Ducklings from a Drain Pipe

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bareboards2 says...

Sounds so much like us.

Except with DANCE!!

Thanks for the giggle.

oritteropo said:

See if this tickles your fancy, First Dog on the Moon from the Gruaniad's Australian edition

"The ABC Interpretive Dance Bandicoot is here to explain to a grateful nation what the hell happened in the Senate this week!"

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BoneRemake (Member Profile)

WTF Paperclip!? (Nitinol)

Fascinating Transformer-Cube

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bareboards2 says...

Every time I see a bunny, I think of you. And Baxter. Hoping you both are well.

And that happens a lot, because I have a FB buddette who constantly posts photos and vids of bunnies.

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bareboards2 says...

Thirteen down.

Got my first solid confirmation of gaining strength.

I went to the Starlight Theater last night.

On the third floor of an old Victorian building. Which means the stairs between floors are MUCH longer and steeper than you find in modern buildings.

Usually when I go, by the time I get to the third floor, my heart is pounding and I am gulping for air (I didn't go really slow up the stairs.)

Last night? Some heart pounding. A little out of breath. I don't think anyone could have heard it though, and I could talk without sounding like I was dying.

Yippee for me!

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bareboards2 says...

Too high a standard you are setting, meboyo. Not all feminists are interested in making it easy on the fellas, or care about them being equal to them. They are clawing their way up. Or so they think.

We could take a poll of avowed feminists and ask them. Those who are interested in the issues of feminism and see if they say she is fake or not.

She thinks she is a warrior, doing battle on behalf of women. (I haven't watched what went on before, but I can imagine, based on what I saw here.)

And like ALL warriors, there is bloodshed and collateral damage and swinging swords that aren't always perfectly controlled.

Personally, I don't like warriors. They are helmeted and hence somewhat blinded by their armor. Not good for rational discourse.

newtboy said:

I think the moniker "fake feminist" was apt.
She's not working towards equality of the sexes, but instead is using the shield of 'feminism' to male bash and complain. To me, that makes her a 'fake feminist'.
Granted, I'm just one newt in a forest of salamanders, so I'm often in the minority at best in my line of thinking, if not an island.

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