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oritteropo (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Be interesting to see if the women stay gone.

Thanks for sharing. There were cockles warmed in my heart.

oritteropo said:

About time for this one, the WEC joins the 21st century -

Now for the other popular racing series... oh, and all the other sports with equivalent scantily clad women.

At least in F1, a lot of the grid girls are huge fans and quite enjoy the experience... but that's no excuse for the outfits.

Crazy Fox

bareboards2 says...

Not an exact dupe. Might as well be.


Porn Actress Mercedes Carrera LOSES IT With Modern Feminists

Payback (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

That actually isn't a half bad idea! Unfortunately (or fortunately, actually) this is a very rural area. Not sure the wild life park does all that much business to start with.

But in a stronger tourist destination spot? You'd make a mint!

Payback said:

I'd imagine you'd make a pretty good living by starting up a Rent-A-Wreck car rental business across the street.

Awkward public aquarium "touch tank"

bareboards2 says...

The local marine science center had an octopus who would escape all the time. They also had touch tanks for other creatures which I think they eventually got rid of, for ethical reasons.

I don't know if they still have the octopus.

Creep Factor Set at Stun

bareboards2 says...

Oh, innocent baby that you are (ha!), YES IT IS TERRIBLE.

Thank you for that clarification.

eric3579 said:

I don't know if you ask me that was just *terrible but bb you can remove if you think different.

"Unskippable" Geico Ad

The Steven Seagal Show - Ep3

Hard Gay: Father's Day

Lounging Lizards

bareboards2 says...


Back when I was obsessive about the Sift, I used to bestow videos to newly badged folks. I can't find my playlist now with all the Badge Videos. These lizards are unforgettable though!

'Big Birdman' = Caroll Spinney + Big Bird

bareboards2 says...

Oh my goodness, this is GREAT!!

Big Birdman!!!!

I would promote, but I am pointless at present.

Fans of the movie Birdman? Oh, do come watch!

Octopus Jumps Out Of Water And Attacks Crab

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

OH you dear anonymous Sifter. You are a paragon of Siftiness.

Thank you.

siftbot said:

You just received a gift of 2 Power Points from an anonymous specimen of awesomeness. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

Redneck News reports on gay marriage destroying Alabama

Another Epic Bus Ad from Denmark - Bussen 2

bareboards2 says...

Easily fixed, @Zawash. Just make sure the next bus ad has a woman as a protagonist. The real "sexism" is that the main person is, yet one more time, a man.

Women have been labelled as not having a sense of humor for decades now. Now we know better -- Amy Shumer, Tina Fey, all the great women on Brooklyn Nine Nine, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig.... hell, it was never true that women didn't have a sense of humor. They were just pissed off, and rightly so.

So put Kristen Wiig in the next ad, and all will be forgiven.


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