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Patton Oswalt - Birthday Clown From Hell

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Who's a love muffin?

Who's a Sift Goddess?

The great Anonymous Meatbag who gave me two points!


siftbot said:

You just received a gift of 2 Power Points from an anonymous meatbag. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

Proof of evolution

The Death Of National Geographic

Heil Trump!

bareboards2 says...


First time I have ever wished I had friends who supported Drumpf, just so I could show them this.

The Most Costly Joke in History

bareboards2 says...

Yeah. I'm sure it is true, or mostly true, or contains elements of truth. But I don't like RT.

The 21st century Tokyo Rose, who sole goal was to demoralize the soldiers.

I'm with @skinnydaddy1.

The Most Costly Joke in History

Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver: International Women's Day

bareboards2 says...

I gotta come back and upvote this puppy. It's tax season and I am just now getting to watch this.

It is PERFECT. In an awful sort of way, of course.

Love this man. He's one of the best men on the planet!

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BoneRemake (Member Profile)

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

Priest Blesses Children By Hitting And Shaking Their Heads

bareboards2 says...

Some kids seem to get much more shaking than others. Like the priest was announcing how bad or good that particular child was.

I'll bet he is not the only one doing this.


BoneRemake (Member Profile)

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

What Would You Do if You Were This Guy?

bareboards2 says...


I keep repeating that because folks are saying it is okay to hit.

It is not okay to hit.

Do people hit? Yes. Do they bolluxed up in their emotions and do the wrong thing? Yes. Did I ever "condemn" the guy? No. I said he did the wrong thing. He did the wrong thing.

Have I ever hit someone? Yes. Was I wrong? Yes. Was I doing the best I could at the time? Yes.

My posts haven't been about this specific situation. (Well, the first one was, because I thought she might have been sexually harassed -- I couldn't understand what was going on.) My posts have only been "best practices." And so I keep repeating "it is not okay to hit." [With the proviso is someone is actively attacking you, you can protect yourself. This doesn't meet that test -- all he had to do was take a big step back and say "no, stop." He didn't -- couldn't with his limitations of the moment -- take the best option.]

Anyway. I'm done here. If I am not smart enough to communicate something so simple, then I am going to stop trying.

It has been fun trying, though.

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