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Swiss efficiency opens 5 beers at once

lucky760 (Member Profile)

This Entire Football Pitch is Retractable!

maatc says...

Can`t find the "edit" button, so here is additional info:

Entire structure below the southern stands can be folded away to make room for the pitch to slide through. Structure is designed to act like a bridge, but this can of course only be done when no spectators are in the stands above.

Germans enjoying a day on the water

Shit! Shit, shit, shit!

Urban Pallet Surfing

maatc says...

I think its a pretty obvious setup, a pallet with some wheels on tracks, so "how to" kind of applies, but as it is lacking instructions I removed it from the channel.

Sagemind said:

Shouldn't be in the "How to" Channel..., I saw no instructions on how to make one of these, or how it works.

Crazy Water Slide powered by a Motorbike

Parking a car in Moscow

Tank brake test

Tank brake test

TERRIFYING Video of Rock Fall Aftermath in the Alps

maatc says...

Someone over at reddit found the location. Here it is

Interesting to see that one of the huge boulders in the field behind the house is in the streetview pics and seems to be related to a separate incident before this one.

Toddler On A Skateboard

Skateboarding Toddler!

Picking up a Hammer on the Moon

maatc says...

I fucking love videosift!

You post a funny little clip, a friendly comment-war starts and everyone learns something in the process.

It´s the reddit of videos!


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