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Baddest Man on Earth Destroys Yellow Jacket Nest Barehanded

Reckless Woman Throws Her Baby During a Bus Fight

Ferrari 458 Crashes While Trying To Pass a Family Car

The Punisher: Russian Bus Driver Deliberately Rams Cars

Kid Falls Off Of Chair Lift - 45+ Feet.

Put Sriracha on EVERYTHING

Guy Decides To Go Swimming In The Hotel Fish Tank

Teen 'Jeopardy!' Contestant Answers Question Like A Boss

surfingyt says...

Yeah it was the other way around. I heard of it on Google+ but no video, so internet search led me to HP. Definitely surprised it wasn't sifted yet.

Fletch said:

More proof that HP lurks here for videos, but links the original on YT. Their story was posted over two hours after surfingyt sifted this, yet they stole his title almost exactly.

EDIT: Never mind. I'm bad at time math with time zones involved, I guess. Sorry, HP (but I know you still poach from here).

Full Court Shot (1 hop)

Off The Wall Trick Shot!

Prince Harry Runs for an Ice Cream

surfingyt (Member Profile)

Banned Commercial **WARNING: Not for the sensitive

Guy finds a Wall spider in bathroom, finds a way to kill it

Times Square Crutch Fight

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