Yogi says...

>> ^legacy0100:

I just love the dull, colorless expression on the model's face. This is just another day of photo shoot to her lol

After two hours of Colbert laughing and tossing his hair, everyone is on the verge of death.

EDIT: BTW this is about some magazine http://www.projectmag.com/

And the model is apparently Valerie Tymoczko.

bareboards2 says...

Mr Colbert has made comments over the years about "rules" he has with his wife. They were mentioned when Jane Fonda sat on his lap and kissed him on the lips -- that broke the rules, a clearly uncomfortable Mr Colbert mentioned at the time.

I can't even BEGIN to imagine how this fits within the "rules"!!!!!

>> ^arvana:

I would guess that Stephen's wife was keeping a pretty close eye on the proceedings...

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