Couple Arrested For Asking Directions

A young couple lost in Baltimore asked a police officer for directions. For doing so they got arrested. At the end where it cut off the female officer told the girl that she's going to jail too.
spawnflaggerjokingly says...

You know why the cop wouldn't give them directions? because she didn't know.

True story - some years ago I was in Baltimore for a friends wedding, and trying to find the same highway 95 this couple was looking for. I even had a GPS, which took me to the wrong place, so I decided to ask some locals- 3 different people told me 3 different things. I just kept driving until I found a large gas station and went in there to ask them.

So that's my theory - since the cop didn't want to admit that they are clueless, it's easier to arrest these 2 instead.


Cop on a powertrip, it happens far too often. First they make a mistake, then to cover it up they give some totally idiotic order, realize that mistake too but being afraid of losing authority, stick to the idiotic decision to the end, even if it means someone gets killed. In this case, the female cop got so far up her own ass that she intervened another police officer for helping, followed them just to find another misdemeanor.. Another thing i've witnessed happen, you get away due to technicality and they follow you in some sort of "revenge mode"...


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Let me guess, after a full investigation the officer in question was reprimanded and apologised to the couple?

Oh no, from what I can Google up Officer Preston denied wrongdoing and a judge threw the case out. GG.


>> ^lantern53:

Woman cops...too many of them are badge-heavy. Some of them are pretty good. Too many cause more problems than they solve.

Reality: Men and women miserable in life that are cops...too many of them are badge-heavy. Some of them are pretty good. Too many cause more problems than they solve

Contrary to popular belief apart form some minor physical variances, both male and female (hereafter recognized as the human brain) is the same piece of grey matter. Sexuality has nothing to do with mental dysfunction.

Instead a lack of an individuals personal development due to a deflection of introspection tends to lead towards aggressively lashing out at people around them, or social dysfunction.

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