direpickle says...

Who the heck are these people? Where do they exist? Where do they come from? Is this just a Jersey phenomenon? I'm just a simple Midwestern boy...

siftbot says...

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Truth says...

Yeah, his pose is lame, but still his "douchebaggery" gets him the girls. That's why, gentlemen, you have to be an asshole instead of a nice guy. Nice guys finish last.

chilaxe says...

The douche culture is fascinating in a train wreck sort of way.

I'm probably not being a very good anthropologist, but studying them in the field any closer might be dangerous.

Xaielao says...

Either this ugly mofo with the worst hair in the world works in the porn or modeling industry and these women patronize him by letting him take a picture of them together, or he's got a massive*... amount of personal appeal.

* you people and your dirty minds.

Payback says...

>> ^brycewi19:
There is clearly something very interesting just to his right that catches his attention before each photo op!

He's staring at the photographer's girlfriend's tits.

ForgedReality says...

Why is he so fucking ORANGE?! I swear he has the skin tone of an oompa loompa. And his hair? What the fuck? Dude, you're like 40 years old. Time to grow out of childish things. Why are you acting like that at your age? Wow.

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