Female Genitalia Foreplay Instructional Video

This guy shows you how it's done. a very special thanks to @dystopianfuturetoday for this priceless gem.

We need a gross channel.

Promoting this video and sending it back into the queue for one more try; last queued Thursday, April 22nd, 2010 3:55pm PDT - promote requested by dystopianfuturetoday.

Adding video to channels (Terrible) - requested by dystopianfuturetoday.


I thought this was going to be an actual tutorial and wouldnt of voted for that. Then I seen ten seconds of this video and insta upvoted it.. lookit the guys expression !


hrm, this video was up vote worthy in my eyes, but I have checked out his other " work " and its so laughable and a waste of time and energy and bandwidth, this guy better be playing a character because if someone like that actually exists I shall fall into a cavern of personal despair over wasted visions of a better future. If it can be real, my darkest fears can be real. Please let this be a character.


Some of his comments on youtube:
"A big anvil should of dropped on em after he missed that question" - cunnilingus guy on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?"

"Erika, let's do a cover! How about Me on top, "covering" you in bed? Haha" - cunnilingus guy on some music video.

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Female Genitalia Foreplay Instructional Video

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